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Synergy's Sustainable Gifting Guide

Synergy Sustainable Gifting Guide

At Synergy Enterprises, we champion the integration of sustainability into every aspect of your life. As the holiday season approaches, our dedicated team has meticulously crafted a curated selection of sustainable gift ideas. These thoughtful choices are designed to delight your family and friends while also contributing to a more sustainable economy. Whether you're seeking eco-conscious stocking stuffers or unforgettable one-of-a-kind experiences, our comprehensive sustainable gift guide encompasses every category, ensuring a season of meaningful and environmentally conscious giving.

Creating Memories Through Experiences: 

  • HAVN - A unique spa experience on the shores of Victoria’s inner habour. Lush green spaces, cold pools, hot tubs, and hand-built saunas create a vibrant self-care experience, with a backbone of sustainability. 

  • Inn at Laurel Point - Beautiful hotel downtown Victoria with stunning views of the city’s Inner Harbour. A pioneer in sustainability, this marvelous inn has been carbon neutral since 2009, consistently leading the way in environmentally conscious hospitality.

  • Outer Shores Expeditions - Award-winning and carbon neutral adventure travel company specializing in wildlife and cultural expeditions exploring the ancient cultures & stunning wildlife of Canada's Pacific Coast with small, intimate groups.

  • Parkside Hotel & Spa - Stunning all-suite hotel and spa in the heart of Victoria, offering exceptional luxury with a steadfast commitment to sustainability at its core.

Delicious Food & Beverage: 

  • Fernie Brewing Co. - Delicious and local BC brews with a focus on positive, sustainable changes from the brewery to the tasting room and every step in between.

  • Oughtred Coffee - Craft roasted specialty BC coffee since 1973. Engaging in carbon-neutral operations and community driven mentality with every batch. 

  • Sheringham Distillery - Coastal craft spirits, distilled on Vancouver Island in small batches and a commitment to sustainability. 

  • Big Wheel Burger - The best quality burgers, shakes, sodas, and fries through local, sustainable, and environmentally friendly resources. Canada’s first carbon neutral fast food restaurant, with a dedication that commenced at their inception in 2011. 

  • Merridale Cider - From orchard to glass, producing high-quality, farm crafted craft cider using sustainable practices and a local mindset. 

Ethical & Sustainable Beauty:

  • Elate Beauty: Vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand with a focus on sustainability through a comprehensive recycling program, sustainable packaging, ethical ingredients, and contributing to social and environmental causes.

  • Hunt & Gather Hair Salon: A carbon-neutral hair salon in Victoria, BC, committed to sustainable practices and ethical beauty, providing a space where beauty meets environmental responsibility. 

In the spirit of fostering a harmonious connection between personal joy and environmental responsibility, our curated selection invites you to embark on a season of conscious giving. As you explore the diverse array of sustainable gift ideas from Synergy Enterprises, remember that each thoughtful choice extends beyond the recipient, resonating with the collective effort to build a more sustainable world.

This holiday season, let your gifts be a reflection of shared values, creating memories, and moments that leave a positive impact for generations to come. Join us in celebrating a season of purposeful and environmentally conscious giving, where every present becomes a testament to the synergy between compassion and sustainability.



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