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Carbon Neutral Events

Events create positive momentum in industries and form personal relationships with colleagues. Events also have a significant opportunity to show leadership in decarbonization and responsible business practices.

By hosting a carbon neutral event, attendees, investors, and other event stakeholders can feel better about attending and supporting an event that is operating in a responsible way. 


Synergy's Carbon Neutral Events offer a way to take responsibility for the environmental impact of your event, focus on green event practices, and invest in the green economy.

By purchasing carbon offsets, your event can support forest conservation and clean technology projects that would not otherwise be financially possible.

Measure Your Carbon Footprint | Synergy Enterprises

Calculate the

carbon footprint of your event 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint | Synergy Enterprises

Develop a carbon reduction plan and implement solutions

Restore Ecosystems | Synergy Enterprises

Invest in carbon reduction projects and become carbon neutral


Communicate Your Carbon Neutral Results | Synergy Enterprises

Communicate your carbon neutrality and climate action efforts

Synergy's Carbon Neutral Events 

The carbon footprint of an event includes energy, paper, delegate travel, food and beverage, accommodation and waste. Below are the steps to get your event certified as carbon neutral:

  1. Scoping call with Synergy to determine emissions sources associated with the event

  2. Complete Synergy's data worksheet

  3. Synergy completes carbon footprint and final figures 

  4. Select and purchase verified carbon offsets 

  5. Receive Synergy's Carbon Neutral Event logo and certificate from offset provider 

  6. Your event is officially carbon neutral! 

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Client Highlights

Inn at Laurel Point (Compressed).jpg

Inn at Laurel Point

In partnership with Inn at Laurel Point, Synergy helped develop a Carbon-Neutral Events program to help event planners calculate their carbon footprint and offset travel and food-related emissions. When the meeting, event or conference concludes, the event planners will be provided with a certificate of recognition and logo to certify their commitment to carbon neutrality and climate action. 

Victoria Conference Centre

The Victoria Conference Centre (VCC) is a carbon neutral conference facility in the heart of Victoria, BC. From energy-efficiency to water conservation and waste management, the VCC is an ideal place to host low-impact eco-friendly meetings and events. Synergy worked with the VCC to develop a Green Events Guide to support event planners host low-impact events.

Darkwoods (Compressed).jpg

Darkwoods Forest Conservation

Image: Bruce Kirkby

Offset Providers We Work With

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