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Business & ESG

Synergy works with businesses to help them measure their carbon footprint, engage staff, implement solutions and communicate results. From tech companies to manufacturers, breweries, restaurants and more, our services have supported award-winning sustainability programs for companies looking to lead the sustainability movement in their sector.

Go Carbon Neutral

Carbon neutrality is about reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and creating a low-carbon future. It means taking responsibility for the impact of your organization on the environment. 

Following the GHG Protocol Standard and ISO 14064-1, Synergy has helped dozens of businesses measure their environmental impact, implement solutions, and go carbon neutral, including Big Wheel Burger, Oughtred Coffee & Tea, and Eagle Wing Tours

Synergy's services for going carbon neutral include:

  • Measuring your carbon footprint, including Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

  • Creating a comprehensive GHG Emissions Inventory 

  • Aligning with Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)

  • Setting emission reduction targets

  • Creating a decarbonization strategy

  • Charting a path to carbon neutrality or net zero

  • Selecting appropriate carbon offset projects to become carbon neutral

Carbon Neutral Company | Synergy Enterprises

Client Highlights

Big Wheel Burger 

Our team worked with Big Wheel Burger to reimagine fast food with an environmental focus. All restaurant locations are highly efficient, nearly zero waste, carbon neutral, and the company's delivery vehicle runs on biodiesel from waste fryer oil. In addition, they support urban garden projects and numerous charities.

Oughtred Coffee & Tea 

Synergy has been working with the Oughtred team since 2008. Within that time, the company has grown significantly, while maintaining carbon neutrality for over 10 years, slashing waste, supporting new social enterprises, reducing emissions by 50% since their baseline year, and winning Roast magazine's Roaster of the Year in 2018. One might assume there is nothing left to accomplish, but for Oughtred this is only the beginning. 

Carmanah Technologies 

Synergy worked with Carmanah, a producer of solar lighting products, to develop environmental indicators, greenhouse gas inventories and a supplier Code of Conduct. Over the years, the company reduced their carbon footprint and taken action to limit the environmental impact of their supply chain. 


Read their Corporate Social Responsibility Report here

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