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The Synergy Foundation was created in 2013 by the Synergy Enterprises team and a group of passionate community members and leaders who recognized the need for a non-profit organization to lead the transition towards a green economy on the west coast. Since its inception, the Synergy Foundation has focused on innovative projects and programs that have pushed the envelope, supported hundreds of businesses, and turned great ideas into action.


Our three focus areas are green business, food security, and circular economy. This is represented in our core programs.

Synergy Foundation's mission is to share ideas, spark innovation and activate change to steer our economy and communities towards a more regenerative future.

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BC Green Business is a certification program that works with businesses across the province to identify practical and affordable actions to enhance their sustainability performance and community initiatives. From making operational improvements to encouraging behavioural change, BCGB helps businesses take climate action. 

Ecostar Awards Logo

The Ecostar Awards recognize outstanding environmental achievements and leadership on Vancouver Island. The awards are presented to island-based businesses, non-profits, academia, governments and individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in sustainability.

Food Eco District (FED) | Synergy Foundation

FED Urban Agriculture Society works to address food security on southern Vancouver Island. They partner with growers, restaurants, and community organizations to create garden spaces, deliver educational programs, and promote urban agriculture within the community. Through their work, they are transforming our cityscape into a vibrant foodscape.

Synergy Foundation - Project Zero Logo

Project Zero is the newest program addition to SF. The goal of this initiative is to bring circular economy concepts to the island. The program's five focus areas are changing business as usual, creating a movement that inspires, partnerships, advocacy, and economic development.


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