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Our Team

Jill Doucette

Founder & CEO

Jill Doucette | Synergy Enterprises

Jill founded Synergy in 2008 after completing her studies in biology. Passionate about how business, industry and communities can mobilize towards a low-carbon future, Jill works on the frontier of a number of sectors including community development, tourism, and clean technology.


An active writer and speaker, with three published books, Jill is also the Executive Director of the Synergy Foundation. In her spare time, she can be found exploring the west coast, fishing, camping and hiking.

Areas of Expertise: Carbon Accounting | Business & Strategic Planning | Clean Technology | 

Community Development | Tourism

Heidi Grantner

Partner & General Manager

Heidi Grantner | Synergy Enterprises

Heidi works with a wide array of Synergy clients to integrate sustainability into planning, policy and operations. An expert in GHG inventories and Synergy's resident Excel nerd, she loves diving deep into data and solving complex problems with elegant solutions.

Heidi has a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Economics from Queen's University and completed her MBA at the Sauder School of Business at UBC. She is an approved verifier for the Airport Carbon Accreditation Programme and has her GHG-IQ from the Canadian Standards Association.

Areas of Expertise: GHG Inventories | Air & Marine Ports | Environmental Metrics

Christian Muñoz Mejia

Communications & Project Manager 

Christian Muñoz Mejia | Synergy Enterprises

Christian is passionate about working with businesses that protect, preserve, and restore our natural environment and local communities. With a background in commerce and  international business, Christian wears two hats, working on both technical projects as well as educational content and digital media.

Born in Colombia and raised in Indonesia, Christian brings his multicultural perspective, enthusiasm and dedication to every project. When he's not analyzing data or developing new projects, you will often see him teaching Rico new tricks, folding origami, or headbanging to heavy metal.

Areas of Expertise: Marketing & Communications | GHG Inventories | Project Management

Arctica Cunningham

Client Services Lead

Arctica Cunningham | Synergy Enterprises

Arctica is passionate about sustainability and local food security. She loves working at Synergy to complete GHG Inventory assessments for businesses, create carbon reduction strategies and develop sustainability tools. Before working at Synergy, Arctica worked with the Prince George Chamber of Commerce to conduct carbon footprint assessments for local businesses. 


Arctica grew up in Northern BC, but moved to Victoria after completing her BA in Environmental Studies and Political Science from the University of Northern BC. In her spare time, Arctica enjoys biking, gardening, and baking treats for friends and family.

Areas of Expertise: GHG Inventories | Data Analytics | Carbon Reduction Strategies

Kaitie Worobec

Project Manager

Kaitie Worobec | Synergy Enterprises

Kaitie specializes in the development of tourism that maximizes the benefits to communities and nature while minimizing negative environmental and social impacts. She is passionate about helping organizations adopt low-carbon and regenerative approaches.

Prior to joining the Synergy team, Kaitie worked with leading destination organizations and industry associations such as the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association, Travel Alberta, the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) and the Adventure Travel Trade Association. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and a Master of Science in Responsible Tourism Management from Leeds Beckett University.

Outside of work, Kaitie enjoys hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, social dancing, and learning foreign languages.

Areas of Expertise: Tourism | Sustainability Strategies | Regenerative Business

Kyle Bouwknecht

Technical Lead

Kyle Bouwknecht | Synergy Enterprises

Kyle works with Synergy’s diverse client base as Technical Lead. Much of his time is spent modeling emissions reductions, developing excel tools, and supporting other team members on technical work.


Kyle joined the Synergy team after completing a BSc Environmental Science. He is passionate about energy systems and sustainability and will spend hours talking about clean energy technology.

When he isn’t at work, Kyle is usually playing sports, reading, writing, or eating good food.

Areas of Expertise: GHG Inventories | Decarbonization Strategies | Complex Emissions Modeling

Megan Chan

Project Technician

Megan Chan | Synergy Enterprises

Megan works on GHG inventories with the Synergy team and is most excited by the many sustainable solutions that she comes across in her work. She spends her time entering data, researching, and always learning more about sustainability for businesses. 

Megan is a settler in Lekwungen, Songhees, and W̱SÁNEĆ Territories and grew up in Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh territory. She joined Synergy after completing a BSc in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria. 

In her free time, Megan enjoys playing ultimate, cooking good food and spending time outdoors.

Areas of Expertise: GHG Inventories | Data Analytics | Tools & Systems Management

Robert Hewitt

Project Technician

Rob Hewitt - Synergy Enterprises

Rob spends most of his time working on GHG inventories and decarbonization strategies for Synergy’s diverse client portfolio. His day-to-day work involves managing data, researching sustainable solutions, and identifying business reduction opportunities.


Born in South Africa, Rob and his family moved to Kelowna while he was at a young age. Rob attended the University of Victoria where he completed a BSc in Biology.  After several years working in the service industry, he returned to school and earned a Diploma in Environmental Technology through Camosun College.

Outside of work, Rob is either watching, playing, or talking about soccer. He also enjoys hiking and camping along Vancouver Island’s beautiful coastline with friends and family. 

Areas of Expertise: GHG Inventories | Solar Modeling | Carbon Reduction Strategies

Chloe Shore

Project Technician

Chloe Shore - Synergy Enterprises

Chloe is a project technician co-op student who is passionate about sustainability, biodiversity, and reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. Chloe was raised in Howe Sound, surrounded by the ocean, forests and mountains, which gave her a deep appreciation for the natural world, and a drive to protect the natural world.


In her free time, Chloe enjoys spending time with plants and exploring the outdoors, hiking, climbing, diving and more.

Areas of Expertise: Biodiversity | Ecosystem Health | GHG Inventories

Erica LeBrun

Operations Coordinator

Erica LeBrun | Synergy Enterprises

Erica is passionate about supporting good work. Her role as the Operations Coordinator for Synergy Enterprises and the Synergy Foundation enables her to support team members with the skills that she has developed through work in the adventure tourism sector.

Erica was born in Quebec and moved to Fernie, BC to attend the Mountain Adventure Skills Training Program. After graduating, Erica enjoyed a seasonal lifestyle, travelling all around British Columbia and connecting with people and the wilderness. She landed in Victoria periodically over the years and immersed herself in the culture of Vancouver Island, which sparked a passion for urban farming, education, and food security initiatives. 

When Erica is not coordinating numerous tasks, she spends her time playing outside with her dog, Watson. Together, they love to hike, bike, chew on sticks, surf, and explore.

Areas of Expertise: Urban Agriculture | Adventure Tourism | Printer Whisperer


Director of Office Morale & Barketing Executive

Rico - Synergy Enterprises

Rico is a chocolate lab who loves office days, belly rubs, treats, and barking at mail carriers. As our resident paper shredder and client greeter, he is always eager to see new faces.


Ask to see his famous "Namaste" trick!

Rico doesn't have a
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Areas of Expertise: Being Cute | Chewing Toys | Greeting FEDx Deliveries 

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