The Synergy Team

Jill Doucette

Founder & CEO

Jill Doucette - Synergy Enterprises

Jill founded Synergy in 2008 after completing her studies in biology. Passionate about how business, industry and communities can mobilize towards a low-carbon future, Jill works on the frontier of a number of sectors including community development, tourism, and clean technology.


An active writer and speaker, with three published books, Jill is also the Executive Director of the Synergy Foundation. In her spare time, she can be found exploring the westcoast, fishing, camping and hiking.

Areas of Expertise: Carbon Accounting | Business & Strategic Planning | Clean Technology | 

Community Development | Tourism

Kayli Anderson

Partner & COO

Kayli Anderson - Synergy Enterprises

Kayli is a Partner at Synergy and works with clients to develop and implement climate action and social equity strategies. An expert in carbon reduction planning and Synergy’s project management guru, Kayli loves working with individuals and teams to integrate innovative best practices that are good for the world and for business.


Kayli is also the Program Director for Canada’s national sustainable tourism conference: IMPACT, working to inspire the adoption of regenerative practices at an industry level.

Areas of Expertise: Strategy & Operations | Tourism | GHG Inventories

Heidi Grantner

General Manager

Heidi works with a wide array of Synergy clients to integrate sustainability into planning, policy and operations. An expert in GHG inventories and Synergy's resident Excel nerd, she loves diving deep into data and solving complex problems with elegant solutions.

Heidi has a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Economics from Queen's University and is currently completing her MBA at the Sauder School of Business at UBC. She is an approved verifier for the Airport Carbon Accreditation Programme and has her GHG-IQ from the Canadian Standards Association.

Areas of Expertise: GHG Inventories | Air & Marine Ports | Environmental Metrics

Christian Muñoz Mejia

Communications Manager & Project Technician

Christian is passionate about working with businesses that protect, preserve, and restore our natural environment and local communities. With a background in commerce and  international business, Christian wears two hats, working on both technical projects, and educational content and digital media.

Born in Colombia and raised in Indonesia, Christian brings his multicultural perspective, enthusiasm and dedication to every project. When he's not analyzing data or developing new projects, you will often see him teaching Rico new tricks, folding origami, or headbanging to Metallica. 

Areas of Expertise: Marketing & Communications | GHG Inventories | Data Analysis

Arctica Cunningham

Project Technician

Arctica is passionate about sustainability and local food security. She loves working at Synergy to complete GHG Inventory assessments for businesses, create carbon reduction strategies and develop sustainability tools. Before working at Synergy, Arctica worked with the Prince George Chamber of Commerce to conduct carbon footprint assessments for local businesses.


Arctica grew up in Northern BC, but moved to Victoria after completing her BA in Environmental Studies and Political Science from the University of Northern BC. In her spare time, Arctica enjoys biking, gardening, and baking treats and sourdough bread for friends and family.

Areas of Expertise: GHG Inventories | Data Analytics | Carbon Reduction Strategies

Georgia Lavender

Office Manager & B Corp Advisor 

Georgia joined Synergy when she made the decision to settle on Vancouver Island after years of living in various communities across Eastern and Western Canada. Passionate about the green economy and social equity, Georgia is compelled to find tangible solutions for businesses that strive to make a positive impact.

With experience as a hospitality manager, Georgia brings her strong organizational skills and industry insights to her role. She is integral to the for-profit and non-profit sides of Synergy, and supports many of our programs, initiatives, and events.

Outside of work, Georgia can be found exploring the various mountain bike trails on the island and honing her skills as a certified yoga teacher.

Areas of Expertise: Financial Management | B Corp Certification | Circular Economy 

Jen Fraser 

Manager of Project Development & Communications

As the project development lead, Jen has a knack for turning abstract ideas into tangible initiatives and processes. From designing the Project Zero Incubator program to storyboarding educational video content, she enjoys the challenge of the unfamiliar.


Jen is well connected to the local green business community and is always eager to make introductions when she sees an opportunity for others to collaborate or learn from one another.


Born and raised in Victoria, Jen has always been captivated with the rugged paradise Vancouver Island has to offer. In her free time, Jen can be found kicking the soccer ball around or exploring the abundant hiking trails in the Greater Victoria region with her border collie.

Areas of Expertise: Green Ventures | Circular Economy | Communications & Design 

Holly Dumbarton 

Program Manager, FED

As the program manager for the Food Eco District, Holly is spearheading the creation of Canada’s first sustainable dining district. She is excited about finding new and innovative ways to get more people thinking about urban agriculture.


Holly has traveled to more than 30 countries, where she developed a passion for experiential education and ways we can further grassroots movements through meaningful relationships and creative solutions.


Holly has a degree in Ecotourism & Outdoor Leadership. She has put her love for sustainable tourism to use as the past program manager for IMPACT Sustainability Travel & Tourism conference, a collaborative national dialogue on innovation and the contribution of tourism to Canada’s sustainable future.

Areas of Expertise: Urban Agriculture | Sustainable Travel I Restaurant Operations

Ellie Gilchrist

Project Coordinator

Ellie works with Synergy’s non-profit programs, assisting with marketing, communications, and program operations. Passionate about providing the community with tangible solutions, Ellie uses focused communication and outreach to help bring them to life.

Born on a ranch in rural Alberta, Ellie has made her way to the ocean, acquiring a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and English and a Permaculture Design Certificate from the University of Victoria. She is also a published writer.

Areas of Expertise: Marketing & Communications | Community Outreach | Environmental Systems 


Director of Office Morale & Barketing Executive

Rico is a chocolate lab who loves office days, belly rubs, treats, and barking at mail carriers. As our resident paper shredder and client greeter, he is always eager to see new faces.


Ask to see his famous "Namaste" trick!

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Areas of Expertise: Being Cute | Chewing Toys | Greeting FEDx Deliveries 


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