Tourism & Transportation

Climate action is becoming increasingly critical in tourism. Tourism is responsible for 8% of global emissions, and climate change is affecting many of the areas travelers seek. We believe that tourism, with an intentional focus on environmental and cultural sustainability, can be regenerative, helping to restore natural ecosystems and preserve cultures while operating with a low or carbon neutral footprint. 

Our services include: 

  • Carbon footprint reporting and carbon neutrality 

  • Strategic planning for sustainable development 

  • Water & energy audits 

  • Aligning business metrics with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

  • Alternative energy solutions & action plans

  • Employee training & engagement

  • Educational infographics & content

  • Carbon neutral events 

IMPACT Sustainable Travel & Tourism Conference 

IMPACT is an annual conference to bring together a national dialogue and path forward in sustainable tourism. Conference Registration Open for January 20-23, 2020

A co-founder of IMPACT, Synergy focuses on program design, session development and published the proceedings paper and ensures every event is carbon neutral.

"Synergy was an integral part of our recent strategic planning exercise for the Hotel Association of Canada’s Green Key Global program. Synergy’s wealth of knowledge,  specific to our industry, gave them the invaluable ability to work directly on our behalf with members, Board of Directors and other stakeholders to deliver an outstanding final product. Green Key Global is better positioned for future and long-term success as a direct result of our work with Synergy."

—  Green Key Global 

Synergy Enteprises - Triple Bottom Line

Client Highlight:

Adventure Travel Trade Association

Synergy worked with ATTA to measure the carbon footprint of their annual conferences and directly offset the impact of the events by funding the reforestation of land in Costa Rica and Argentina. By taking responsibility for emissions, ATTA has supported ecological sites and carbon sequestration.

As a family-owned business, Wilson's is dedicated to both the community and the environment in which they do business. 


Synergy and Wilson's are working together to develop a company wide sustainability program that touches all the brands under the Wilson's Group and sets targets for continued emissions reductions as the company grows. 

Client Highlight:

Wilson's Transportation 

The Inn at Laurel Point is a carbon neutral hotel, rated 5 Keys by Green Key Global. Synergy works with the hotel's green team on continuous reductions in energy, waste and water, while maintaining carbon neutrality and building a culture of sustainability and conscious business practices. 

Client Highlight:

Inn at Laurel Point