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Hosting Carbon Neutral Events & Conferences

How to Make Your Event Carbon Neutral

Events create positive momentum in industries and form personal relationships with

colleagues. By hosting a carbon neutral event, attendees, investors, and other event

stakeholders can feel better about attending and supporting an event that is operating in

a responsible way. A carbon neutral event means that efforts have been made to

measure, reduce, and offset emissions resulting from event activities.

Measure Your Event’s Carbon Footprint

Measuring the carbon footprint of an event can help event organizers identify

opportunities to reduce emissions and operating costs. The process involves identifying

emission sources related to event activities, establishing a clear boundary, and

gathering activity data from event venues, delegates, vendors, caterers, and waste

haulers. The carbon footprint of an event typically includes:

  • Energy consumption

  • Delegate travel

  • Accommodation

  • Food and beverage

  • Waste

  • Paper (marketing and publication materials)

Reduce Your Event’s Carbon Footprint

The second (and most important) step is to identify and implement solutions to reduce

emissions. Green Event Guides are one of the many tools event organizers can use to

create action plans and plan reductions from the beginning.

  • Set and communicate clear sustainability goals

  • Select energy-efficient venues

  • Develop a zero-waste plan

  • Create a low-carbon menu

  • Offer low-carbon transportation

  • Support local and Indigenous-owned businesses

Offset Emissions & Go Carbon Neutral

After emissions have been reduced as much as possible, offsets can be purchased

equal to the remaining unavoidable emissions to become carbon neutral. To certify an

event as carbon neutral, the carbon footprint should be reviewed by a third-party to

ensure that emissions were calculated correctly, and that the appropriate number of

offsets were purchased.

Offset purchases help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy and fund

projects such as wind farms, waste heat recovery, and reforestation projects that would

not otherwise be financially possible. Support a carbon offset project that aligns with the

mission of the organizing committee and go through validated offset providers to ensure

that the offset project meets best practice standards.

Host A Carbon Neutral Event & Conference

Events have a significant opportunity to show leadership in decarbonization and

responsible business practices and while also leaving a positive impact on the

communities they visit.

Synergy’s Carbon Neutral Events certification offer a way to take responsibility for the

impact of your event by going carbon neutral and focusing on green event practices.

Contact us for more information about how to make your next meeting, conference, or

event carbon neutral.


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