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Airports & Airlines

Our team is passionate about airport and airline carbon management. As gateways to our regions, airports are critical to the future of low-carbon transportation and infrastructure. Synergy specializes in airport carbon management and environmental initiatives. We have worked with airports ranging from <100,000 to 15M+ passengers, offering the following services:

  • Airline & Airport greenhouse gas inventories & verification

  • CORSIA compliance for airlines 

  • Carbon management plans & opportunity assessments to reduce waste, energy, water use and emissions 

  • Decarbonization strategies

  • Stakeholder engagement strategies 

  • Environmental policies, targets & indicators 

  • Carbon offset selection and passenger offset fee pricing 

  • Airport Carbon Accreditation program requirements Levels 1-3+

“We are proud to work with airports from coast to coast, and internationally. Airports small and large can make a contribution to reducing climate change by improving efficiencies and incorporating new clean technologies into their operations, while also reducing costs.”



– Jill Doucette

Founder, Synergy Enterprises

"Synergy has been a fantastic partner in our carbon management strategies at the Charlottetown Airport. The team is very knowledgeable and always helpful and quick to respond to any questions that come up throughout the process.”

- Charlottetown International Airport
Synergy Enterprises - Triple Bottom Line
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Synergy Enterprises is delighted to announce its new consultancy service with airportQM by Modalis, providing carbon accounting, operational audits and sustainability planning for airports worldwide.

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Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Complete a baseline of your airport or airline's total carbon footprint to get accurate metrics and set future targets.

Deliverable 1 - Airports

Carbon Reduction Strategies

Assess your opportunities for reduction and prioritize the most meaningful initiatives that will reduce emissions, costs and improve passenger experience.

Deliverable 2 - Airports

ACA Verification

The Airport Carbon Accreditation Program is the world's leading airport carbon reduction initiative. 

Deliverable 3 - Airports
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