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Marinas & Ports

Synergy works with marine infrastructure ranging from local marinas to some of the world's largest and busiest ports. Maritime enterprises are contracting Synergy's services in order to strategize and implement environmental practices that reduce pollution, emissions, energy use, water consumption and waste production. 

Our services include: 

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories 

  • Decarbonization strategies and target setting

  • Emission reduction initiatives and action plans

  • Shore power feasibility, emissions and cost modelling

Sustainability Action Plans

Managing emissions is a critical part of doing business in the marine sector. Strengthen your operations by developing a progressive action plan to reduce emissions, reduce costs and engage stakeholders. 

"We worked with Synergy Enterprises to conduct a full-scale emissions inventory and carbon audit for our entire deep-water port facility. The findings allowed us to make critical decisions regarding the future of the facility and our organization as a whole. The professionalism, can-do attitude, and ongoing engagement allowed us to feel completely supported by their team as we moved through the process."

—  Greater Victoria Harbour Authority

Synergy Enterprises - Triple Bottom Line

Greenhouse Gas Inventories

The most important first step towards managing emissions is to create a full emissions profile of your operations and tenants.

Emission Reduction Planning

Measurably reduce carbon emissions at marine ports and demonstrate leadership in climate action.

Clean Marine BC.jpg

For marinas of any size, the Georgia Straight Alliance's Clean Marine Program is a guide for environmental stewardship.

Clean Marine Certification

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