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Eagle Wing Tours Wins 2022 NMEA Marine Education Award for Outstanding Organization

Naturalist Karac talks about the wonders of bull kelp during a school tour
Eagle Wing Tours Naturalist, Karac, talks about the wonders of bull kelp during a school tour

Our incredible client, Eagle Wing Tours won the 2022 National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) Marine Education Award for Outstanding Organization. The award honours “outstanding work and leadership by an organization or business in any aspect of marine education at the local, regional or national level.”

About Eagle Wing Tours

Eagle Wing Tours is a carbon neutral whale watching company that is actively working to reduce emissions and enhance the marine ecosystem of the Salish Sea. They have a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable tourism, and they are dedicated to functioning as a carbon neutral company.

Eagle Wing Tours is an example of a company that has become deeply connected to its mission. Their business drives their ability to do good work, and doing good work drives their business. They impact thousands of youth and travellers every year and have redefined how wildlife viewing can become an experience that leaves a lasting imprint and connection to nature.

“Everything we do at Eagle Wing revolves around raising awareness of the ocean, and what every one of us can do to help protect it,” says co-owner Brett Soberg, who along with business partner Don Stewart, acquired the company in 2005.

Educational Program Highlights

Here are a few highlights from Eagle Wing Tours' educational program that could serve as inspiration for other tour operators:

1. Integrate environmental education into EVERY tour

"We want to inspire them to be more aware of their own footprint, to make better choices, and to be more informed advocates for the marine environment—no matter where they live."

2. Make their vessels available to mission-aligned organizations

"Our vessels are made available to community groups, underprivileged youth and conservation groups. We’ve co-founded several annual community events, including World Oceans Day celebrations at Fisherman’s Wharf"

3. Run a classroom education program

"The “Exploring the Salish Sea” program combines classroom, on-water and experiential learning to ignite a passion for the ocean among local schoolchildren. The program is integrated into the BC school curriculum. It’s powered by Eagle Wing’s core belief that cultivating a sense of wonder and connection with the natural world in young people is vital to a more sustainable society."

More information is available on Eagle Wing Tours' new blog, which can be found at


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