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UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals | Synergy Enterprises
SDG Wheel

Businesses & The UN SDGs

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to solve the world’s most urgent challenges and create a prosperous future for all. With governments, civil society, and businesses working together, we can put an end to poverty, rescue the planet and build a peaceful world – by 2030.





UN SDGs - Workshops
UN SDG - Indicators
UN SDGs - Strategy
UN SDG Wheel - Inspiration

Engage your team and network to determine which SDGs most align with your organization

Identify specific

indicators and actions to pursue within each Sustainable Development Goal selected

Integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into a new or existing strategy and set meaningful goals

Share your achievements and plans responsibly using the UN Sustainable Development Goals branding

Tourism & The UN

Sustainable Development Goals

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SDG Decade of Action Planning

In support of the 2030 Agenda and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Synergy has designed tourism focused programs to help DMOs and their members learn about the UN SDGs and create Decade of Action Plans for their organizations. The program combines online group seminar sessions with one-on-one coaching calls to ensure each business receives hands-on support for wherever they are at in their sustainability journey.

For Destinations

  • A custom SDG strategy for your DMO

  • Engagement of your tourism stakeholder network and operators on the UN SDGs

  • Develop and collect content to celebrate SDG stories within local tourism community

  • Help operators identify new revenue opportunities and cost reduction strategies through a sustainable development lens

  • A Decade of Action Plan developed for the business members involved

For Operators

  • A custom Decade of Action Plan for your organization

  • Clear understanding of the UN SDGs and how they relate to tourism 

  • Learn to align SDGs with existing sustainability efforts

  • Tools & resources for engaging your team and creating capacity for change

  • Best practices for using the SDGs to amplify sustainability stories and messaging

The UN SDGs in Action

The Travel Corporation | Synergy Enterprises Client Highlight

Client Highlight:

The Travel Corporation

Our team worked with The Travel Corporation's Tread Right team to integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals into their corporate sustainability strategy. Synergy built a custom survey tool to  assess each #maketravelmatter experience and their alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goal indicators. 

Interested in integrating the SDGs into your strategy or creating a Decade of Action Plan? 

Client Highlight:

Victoria Airport Authority

Synergy worked with the Victoria Airport to develop their 2020 - 2024 Sustainability Plan which aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The plan includes a commitment to contribute to all UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and has interim targets to ensure progress.

YYJ Victoria Airport Authority | Synergy Enterprises Client Testimonial
Adventure Canada | Synergy Enterprises Client Testimonial

Client Highlight:

Adventure Canada

Regenerative travel practices have been core to Adventure Canada's operations for decades. Working with Synergy, Adventure Canada aligned their existing programs with the UN Sustainable Development goals and is working to set goals to further integrate the UN SDGs into their 5-year regenerative travel strategy.

Getting Started

Interested in learning how to align the SDGs with your existing sustainability efforts and start driving meaningful results that will make your stakeholders, shareholders, and community proud?

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