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Erica LeBrun

Operations Coordinator

Erica is passionate about supporting good work. Her role as the Operations Coordinator for Synergy Enterprises and the Synergy Foundation enables her to support team members with the skills that she has developed through work in the adventure tourism sector.

Erica was born in Quebec and moved to Fernie, BC to attend the Mountain Adventure Skills Training Program. After graduating, Erica enjoyed a seasonal lifestyle, travelling all around British Columbia and connecting with people and the wilderness. She landed in Victoria periodically over the years and immersed herself in the culture of Vancouver Island, which sparked a passion for urban farming, education, and food security initiatives. 

When Erica is not coordinating numerous tasks, she spends her time playing outside with her dog, Watson. Together, they love to hike, bike, chew on sticks, surf, and explore.

Areas of Expertise

  • Urban Agriculture

  • Adventure Tourism

  • Printer Whisperer

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