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SDGs in Action: Adventure Canada’s Taste of Place Culinary Program

Advancing Sustainable Development Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption

Picture yourself leaning over the railing of a ship as you approach a colourful fishing town on the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. As the sun begins to set, you see fishermen unloading their catch and families going about their days. Dinner is about to be served and you feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing that the entire menu was designed to support the people of this town.

Farmers, fishers and foragers have been engaged to provide locally sourced foods that emphasize quality, regenerative systems and community. Ingredients are a combination of fresh delicacies and those harvested in-season and preserved.

By prioritizing local, sustainable foods Adventure Canada’s Taste of Place Program is directly contributing to SDG 12: Responsible Consumption. Their program directly contributes to minimizing food waste and strengthening local economic development.

More than a specialized menu, the Taste of Place program is an ongoing opportunity for staff and guests to connect with their host community and learn about their culture through food, music and art.

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Image Source: Adventure Canada



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