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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Synergy Enterprises | Empowering Climate Action

ESG is a new imperative for businesses. ESG drives a new set of value performance indicators into a company, bringing a lens of environmental, social and governance to the forefront. 

These criteria are used by many investors to understand the risks and opportunities for a business to create long-term value in areas such as diversity, climate change, natural resource extraction, employee wellbeing and community impact. 

Synergy Services

ESG Audit | Synergy Enterprises

ESG Audit

Conduct an audit of your ESG performance against established criteria and understand how you stack up against other companies.

ESG Strategic Planning | Synergy Enterprises

ESG Strategic Planning

Create a public or internal strategic plan to align your company towards ESG driven goals and values.

ESG Action Planning | Synergy Enterprises

ESG Action planning

Create a meaningful action plan to improve your ESG rating.

ESG Training | Synergy Enterprises

ESG Training

Educate and empower staff with facilitated collaborative team work sessions, staff training, and workshops to boost ESG literacy.

Carbon Management & Decarbonization

Measure your GHG emissions, set targets in alignment with Science-Based criteria, and achieve carbon neutrality.

Measure & Report.png

Measure & Report

Create an organized system to track your key ESG metrics for easy reporting to stakeholders.

Get Started

UN SDG - Indicators

Over one third of assets now have ESG criteria. A strong ESG program will attract investors and streamline due diligence processes

B Corp Tracking Tool | Synergy Enterprises

ESG has several frameworks and globally recognized programs. Our team will provide clarity on which framework aligns best with your business.

Sustainability Strategies | Synergy Enterprises

Measuring ESG criteria should drive positive change, and reward businesses with exceptional performance

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