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Buildings & Construction

By implementing solutions to reduce emissions, buildings also achieve a longer life span, reduced operational costs, and increased occupant comfort. Synergy works with existing building owners and developers of new construction projects, offering the following services: 

  • BOMA BEST Certification Requirements 

  • Zero Carbon Building Standard for new and existing buildings 

  • Energy and Water Audits & Action Plans 

  • Thermal camera surveys to detect heat loss and distribution patterns 

Case Study: Fort Properties 

Our team worked with Fort Properties on the Dover House apartment building. Through continuous upgrades, the building achieved a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions and the company is saving over $13,000 in annual utility bills.  In addition, landfill waste was reduced by 18,700 kg per year.

Read our blog post on this project.  


Zero Carbon Building Standard 

Launched by the Canada Green Building Council, the ZCB standard takes bold action on climate change for new and existing buildings. Synergy's expertise in green buildings and carbon accounting can support the certification process.


Read more here


For building managers and operators, BEST stands for Building Environmental Standard. Certified buildings are leading the way in energy and water conservation, waste reduction, indoor air quality, and operational best practices. There are over 1,800 certified buildings in Canada. 


Energy & Water Audits

Energy and water audits can help you find operational savings with quick paybacks in your building. As a part of our assessments, we use thermal imaging to detect areas of heat loss. 

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